Day 1! Austin-Dallas-London-Biarritz

The long travel began at Austin Airport where we watched the Derby from the Club and hoped for the #18 horse to win – no such luck today. We spent a couple of hours at DFW Admirals Club and off to London on 747 upper deck thanks to all of those travel miles. Alnita was a happy camper to say the least.

Ready for take off!
Business class out of Dallas on British airways is saweet!

Arrived in London and spent a few hours seeing some of the sights and having a beer or two. Made our way back to Heathrow and killed a few more hours at Heathrow British Airways exec lounge (thanks again miles) and had a few more pints and good food. Trust me, exec lounges in Europe or much better than the ones in the States. We were finally on our way to Biarritz.